When was the last time one size fit all worked?

Traditional surgical masks have fundamentally flawed designs.
Low quality materials, little investment in comfort, and lack of freedom make for a dreadful experience.
We reimagine what the mask should be.

We're Changing the Way You Wear Masks

Fit the frame perfectly to your face.
Swap mask bodies to change up your style.

Adapt Your Mask to You

Choose between our clear body or standard body.
Pick your filter based on your environment.

A Global Solution Requires a Global Team

Although based in Baltimore, our members work zealously from three continents and 14 states.
Our mask is designed by everyone, for everyone.

Team Polair was formed in July 2020

Since then, we have qualified as one of 10 semi-finalist teams competing in the XPRIZE Next-Gen Mask Challenge. We are currently working with manufacturing partners including 3M and Honeywell to assess the ease of production of our mask.

Along the way, we have been supported by our tireless professors at Johns Hopkins University and kind mentors from WSE Manufacturing. We are deeply grateful for the overwhelming support our team has recieved and are excited to continue progressing in our competition.

Our Supporters

We could never do this without them.

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